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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Small developments

My brother got L2 a little scooter for Christmas. At first L2 ‘s feet didn’t quite touch the ground and he preferred to double up behind L1 rather than ride his own tricycle. Just a few weeks later, he had grown enough that he could sit and scoot, but hadn’t figured out how to steer. A few days ago he mastered steering and now whizzes around the sidewalk. He is changing and learning so quickly; one day he can't do something, and the next day he can.

Yesterday, L1 learned to throw a paper airplane. We’ve played with paper airplanes before, but he always threw it into the ground. Yesterday, he “got” how to throw it. Before his breakthrough, L1 tried coaxing his plane (“Come on airplane, I know you can do this!”) and then yelling at it. Once he figured out how to make it fly, he wanted to show L2, who obligingly was excited whenever L1 threw the paper airplane. L2 follows L1’s moves like a dance partner: L1 stands up, and then L2 stands up. L1 takes a stance, and then L2 takes a stance. L1 jumps, and then L2 jumps. L1 sits, and then L2 sits.

With paper airplane

Today a maintenance man came to check my mom’s HVAC system, and both boys were fascinated with his work. They followed him when he went to check the outside unit and happily played, crawling on the grass, running around, and making loud noises. The worker commented how nice it was to see two boys playing so well together, and my mom had to laugh because this morning the boys were fighting non-stop. They are not yet best-playmates and friends as I would wish, but at least they have moments when they play well together.

Playing ring-around-the-rosie.

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