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Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting ready for Greece
We leave for Greece next week.  

Things completed:
Passports for everyone.
Itinerary of less than 90 days in Schengen countries (includes Greece and most European countries) so that we don’t need a visa.
Purchased plane tickets that avoid going through Chicago.
Have a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.
Have another credit card with a chip, which is commonly used in European countries.
Ordered raincoat for L1.
Have electrical converters.
Found a place to rent in Greece and paid first month’s rent.
Have phone # of caretaker we will call to get into house in Greece.
Learning Greek via Rosetta Stone.
Have ride to the airport.
Booked hotel near Heathrow for one night in London before final leg of flight to Greece.
Got a Kindle version of a travel guide for Greece.

Things to do:
Reduce amount packed.
Back up computer.
Buy things for traveling first aid kit.
Call credit card to alert of our travel plans.
Copy important papers.
Practice key phrases in Greek: "Where is the taxi?" "How much does this cost?" and "Where is the toilet?"

The things-to-do list is shorter than things-completed. We are almost set! I'm feeling excited, and a little nervous. I hope the kids will sleep through the flights and that we will be able to entertain them when they are not sleeping. We connect through Houston, and then have a 10-hour flight to London. We stay one night in London and have an early flight of about 3.5 hours to Athens. Our home base in Greece is the port city of Rafina. The weather forecast calls for highs of about 60 degrees F (or 15 degrees C as I need to get used to thinking). Yay! 

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