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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Phoenix to Houston to London to Athens to Rafina, Greece

First toes in the Aegean Sea.

We are in Greece! It was a long travel process; more on that later.

For now, our days are settling into a rhythm: I take the kids after breakfast while J heads to the lower patio to work. He joins us for lunch. After lunch, L2 takes a nap, L1 watches PBS kids (via vpn), I have a little free time, and J works or naps. In the afternoons, we all take a walk, sometimes to the grocery store or bakery, sometimes to the beach. Then we are home for dinner, after which L2 goes to bed. We read or watch a movie, L1 falls asleep during the movie, and  J and I follow in fairly quick succession. Our weekends will be for touristy activities. This coming weekend we plan to take a ferry to the island of Andros, which is the closest of the Cyclades. 

View of the Aegean Sea from our rented house.

Boys sitting on the front patio. The rocks here are as fun to play with as the rocks at home.

Chapel on a hilltop overlooking the port of Rafina.


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